Concrete Block are Commonly referred to as “CMUs” (Concrete Masonry Units), “Grey Block” or simply “Concrete Block.” The following are names commonly used to further describe different types of Concrete block; Scored, Stretcher End (Mortar Groove), Breaker, Sash Groove, Plain End, Rectangular Core, Pear Core, Split Face, and Bullnose.

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Southwest Block Inc. manufactures structural and non-structural Standard concrete masonry units.  The structural units conform to ASTM C90, Specification for Medium Weight Loadbearing Masonry Units. The non-structural unit conforms to ASTM C129, Specification to Medium Weight Nonloadbearing Concrete Masonry Units. Custom color units available through special orders. Minimum quantity applies.

Southwest Block manufactures industry standards for Medium Weight Masonry units with Red volcanic cinders that conforms to ASTM C331 Specification for Lightweight Aggregates. All block is run on a per-job basis and is available with a six week lead time.

Standard Color

Special Order Colors

NOTE: Actual colors may vary. Please visit us to view samples.

12 x 8 x 8 HALF 11 5/8″ 7 5/8″ 7 5/8″ 120
12 x 8 x 12 COLUMN 11 5/8″ 7 5/8″ 11 5/8″ 80
12 x 8 x 16 STANDARD 11 5/8″ 7 5/8″ 15 5/8″ 60
12 x 8 x 16 DCBB 11 5/8″ 7 5/8″ 15 5/8″ 60
12 x 8 x 16  1 SCORED* 11 5/8″ 7 5/8″ 15 5/8″ 60
12 x 8 x 16  3 SCORED* 11 5/8″ 7 5/8″ 15 5/8″ 60


Outdoor Fireplace

The backyard fireplace that you will want to come home too.  The smell of the fire with a warm cup of Hot Coco in your hand, and the kids roasting marshmallows for smores.  On other days listening to the cracking of the fire while you read the latest spy novel, or maybe even a romance.  The project you will love for many years. This project is possible with Keystone Country Manor.

Tranquil Backyard

This beautiful backyard in Rio Rancho was crafted using Keystone Country Manor for the bench, fire pit and barbeque as well as to lift up the platforms. Using Dura Bella Pavers in Southwest Blend, the patio was overlaid and extended. A curvy pathway was created along the side of the house for easy access. The raised platforms used Campton Pavers in Rio Grande. A stunning backyard to go with the stunning view of the Sandia.

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